January Necessities: Facial Workout & The Layer Look

So, here we are in January. It‘s highly likely that we’re all partied out, and have no doubt over-indulged in every Christmas treat we could get our hands on, even including the leftover Celebrations! I have to say that I am not keen on the word ‘detox’, and would rather not think of it at all. However, despite not wanting to face these facts, it is important that we pay a little extra attention to ourselves after having fully enjoyed the festive season. To help you get started, why not take a look at my January skin care finds, and find out how you can make the layering look trendy to ensure you stay warm and cosy this month! Read on for more.


My January Skin Care Finds

It’s not just about hitting the gym to shed those unwanted extra pounds we have (accidentally!) put on – we actually need to give our face a well-deserved workout too! Recently, I have religiously been using The Face Gym, an exclusive gym studio for the face – and the results have been remarkable, especially considering that we are only half way through January! The training serum in particular is perfect for supercharging your face, and is 100% natural. Even after all the alcohol I have consumed over the past few weeks and the countless significantly late nights I have had that my body is just not used to, my skin looks fresh and rejuvenated, and it feels incredible! There are numerous face workouts you can choose from, including the ‘Clean And Lift’ and ‘Cryo Oxygen’, which help combat blight and tired-looking skin. There is also Hydrafacial London to get you the younger looking skin that you deserve.


As for my eyelashes, they have certainly taken a bit of an unwelcome beating with all the curling and layers upon layers of mascara lathered over them throughout the Christmas period! In order to fix this and ensure my lashes remain looking luscious, I have been using the Shavata Brow & Lash Strengthener. Unlike other brow and lash strengtheners, the Shavata Brow & Lash Strengthener is made with pure organic castor oil – which is perfect for use on sensitive skin. The best part of this product is that, in order to attain gorgeous lashes, you need only apply a layer on top of your lashes before you go to sleep. When you wake up the following morning, your lashes will be looking shinier and thicker!


Making Layering Look Trendy During This Cold Month

Fashion is worth the pain, right? Luckily, there are several ways you can make the ‘layering look’ trendy during the wintery January weather, without risking hypothermia or the dreaded flu. Some looks I have loved this winter include layering a pelted faux fur gilet over the top of a long-sleeve t-shirt. For an extra level of detail, complete the look with knee-high boots and jeans to create the ultimate winter-chic style! If you are against wearing faux fur of any kind, I strongly suggest a jumper dress. Jumper dresses are perfect for a number of occasions, and can be dressed up or down. With a pair of heeled knee-high boots and jacket over the top you are ready to hit the town, but add a pair of ankle boots, leather jacket, cross-body bag, over-sized scarf and tights, you can go day-to-day feeling fashionable yet snug. What more could you want?


For a look that is a little more subtle while making layering look trendy this cold month, I suggest pairing a plaid shirt over the top of a slogan tee. Slogan tees are more popular than ever, but short sleeve t-shirts are not ideal in the winter. By layering a plaid shirt on top, you will stay warm and add an additional detail to complete the look. Depending on your agenda for the day, you can pair this look with either ankle boots or trainers.


Despite the cold, January is one of my favourite months. On one hand, January provides the prime opportunity to test out new products – and we may even be lucky enough to find a bargainous deal in the January sale! Similarly, the New Year is a great chance to bring your wardrobe to life and test out new trends, such as the layering look, so why not give it a shot?


If you want to update your style for the coming year or would like help finding new skincare products that are suitable for your skin, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 07782 108 332, or take a look at the professional personal shopping online experience I offer or my beauty advisor London services.