Pre Party-Season Skincare

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to up your skincare game. Not only will you need a flawless, glowing base on which to create party appropriate looks, you will also need your skin to be at its most resilient to withstand all that the festivities have to offer. Your skin will well and truly be put through its paces between December-January, with endless applications of holographic glitter, foundation, dehydration, late nights and cold weather. Although maintaining your skins healthy glow this season and protecting yourself from harmful chemicals requires effort, it is more than worth spending an additional five to ten minutes preparation. So, although you’ll need to do a little more than the mandatory pre-sleep face cleanse and moisturize, you’ll thank yourself (and me!) for doing so when you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and revitalised after a heavy day, or night, of eating, drinking and having fun!


The Night Before

Some evenings I spend forever in the bathroom before I retire to bed and my husband is wondering what an earth I am doing, but it is worth it! By the morning, you will feel super pleased with the results. When you go to bed, you skin has been through all the things the day has thrown at you – just like your body. From public transport and air pollution to the warmth of central heating, you skin will feel just as tired as you by the time you go to bed. Ideally, your pre-party skincare routine should focus on deep cleansing. One of the many benefits of deep cleansing includes eliminating your pores of dirt that has unavoidably built up on your face over the past 24 hours. I personally recommend the brand IS Clincal. The Cream Cleanser is gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin, including acne prone skin. Plus, it’s quick to use so you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror before bed. After, you can use the Sisley Moisturising Treatment to hydrate and caress your skin.


Feeling Fresh!

After your night time cleansing regime, use an overnight mask to replenish moisture and promote plumpness. I thoroughly recommend the award-winning SK 11 Facial Treatment. This regenerating facial treatment helps to replenish skin, lightening blemishes and evens out skin tone at the same time. When you want up, you will have soft, smooth and more radiant skin than before! The next morning, after cleansing, put on a brightening mask and an eye mask to leave on whilst you frantically go about your early morning chores, whether it’s making coffee, checking your inbox or, in my case, sorting out three very energetic children! I personally love Zo Medical by Zain Obaji. This professional skin care brand offers multiple best sellers that ensure you skin maintains its youthful appearance for years to come. From enhancers and peels to cleansers and scrubs, you will most definitely not struggle to find a product perfect for you this party season!


The Final Touch

Before you know it, it will be time to wipe everything off and apply your radiance primer. Radiance primers are a great addition to any makeup bag. Not only do they bring a healthy glow to your tired-looking skin, radiance primers create a smooth base for flawless makeup application. It enables makeup to glide on with ease and make it last much longer than it would without, so your festive look stays faultless for longer. And just like that, the canvas will be ready! Now, you can apply your makeup as you wish, knowing that you have done your utmost to protect your fragile skin, and prevent it from aging.


If you’re seeking the advice of a cosmetic (and skincare!) beauty advisor and want to find out the best products to suit your skin and individual needs, contact me for my absolute beauty saviours today! And remember, not all ‘miracle’ products that promise to make you skin more radiant do!