My recent trip to Chiva-Som

Beauty Really Does Start From Within!

I have recently had the privilege of embarking on a life-changing, seven day retreat to Chiva-Som – a renowned health resort located in Thailand. Voted ‘The World’s Best Destination Spa’ I had high hopes, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I now feel as though I have been taught some of the most precious lessons when it comes to maintaining beauty from within.


The Trip 

Whilst it’s guaranteed that a private yoga lesson on a hand carved Thai pavilion, overlooking the Andaman Sea, will leave you feeling instantly beautiful, returning to your sun lounger and picking up a very thoughtful gift from my dear sister in-law – a book labelled “Why Mummy Likes To Drink” brings reality crashing home!!!

Whilst I did miss my husband and children dreadfully throughout the duration of my memorable trip, it reminded me that it’s important to step back from reality and take time to invest in yourself from time to time. Whilst there are a number of ways you can invest in yourself, whether it’s getting a manicure or transforming your hair, I like to focus on the health of my skin. Despite my best efforts to follow a beauty routine at home, it can be difficult to care for my children and carry out a full skincare routine late at night, so I took this opportunity to test out some new products.


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 

One of my favourite multi-use products on this trip was my Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. I loved the fact that I could slather it all over my hair every day, giving my locks unbelievable shine and manageability. What’s more, organic virgin coconut oil is incredibly affordable, and can be found in duty free, so you don’t have to worry about distributing the product into multiple containers in order to get through security. It’s also the perfect after sun, effortlessly soothing skin that has caught too much sun throughout the day, restoring lost moisture and providing excellent healing attributes. What’s more, you can add it to your cuticles to help encourage nail growth, too!



Even though spices play an important role in our favourite recipes, I never truly appreciated how much these natural wonders can be a secret ingredient in your skin care regime until I visited Chiva-Som. Spices contain high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and nutrients to help keep your skin and hair looking luscious, and can save your skin from multiple issues that you may experience both at home and abroad, including redness and wrinkles. I noticed a massive difference after just one week, and couldn’t wait to get down to Whole Foods and fill my trolley with all the goodies on my return. I can’t imagine life without them now! The best part? Spices are exceptionally easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle even if you are not a super cook (speaking from personal experience!!)

I would love to share the knowledge and secrets that I have received on this special journey. Some that go beyond any serum, cream or facial.