The Big Move

I do usually consider myself pretty organised, but I have to say the ultimate challenge was having to pack up a whole house in 3 weeks. I didn’t anticipate to sell our family home just 4 days after it was put on the market, or that the new owners would be keen to move in just a few weeks later. Now if any of you have moved house before, you’ll understand the colossal task at hand and so, honestly, it was a challenging feat.

Even though my wonderfully caring husband was insisting that I had a professional packing company come in, I couldn’t imagine a stranger going through all my belongings and not organising everything in the correct manner. In fact, I was losing sleep over that very thought! I grasped the challenge of packing up all of my belongings with an air of enthusiasm and set to placing them into their very own boxes in the most organised manner I could.

So, there I was – amongst the endless end of term summer activities I had to attend and plenty of social gatherings, I would find myself up into the early hours of most mornings trying to complete this lengthy task. Slowly but surely the house was beginning to be transferred into boxes. Every spare minute that I had was spent slowly packing up our belongings ahead of the big move.
The funny thing is that I actually really enjoyed it! I found myself digging out items of clothing I completely forgot about and outfits which I had pre-husband are now at the front of my closet! One of the most exciting items I pulled out was my Dior Saddle Bag. I honestly never thought I would use this again and then lo and behold, as I am having my balayage done and reading the current Harrods magazine, I see advertisements galore of the Saddlebag making a comeback this Autumn! Well, alongside the new accessory of a strap which you attach, and yes, I did go and purchase one immediately, to compliment the vintage piece!

This was the perfect opportunity to organise my wardrobe in a whole new way and reignite a love for pieces I hadn’t seen or worn in quite some time. Just when I thought my closet couldn’t be more organised, I have surprised myself on how it has become even more so. I have picked up a lot of organisation tips along the way too that have really helped with the moving process!

I would love to share my ideas and newly learned tips for reorganising your closet to perfection and even putting together items of clothing/accessories you thought may never work! If you’re interested, just let me know if that is something you would like to see from me very soon and I’d be happy to pass on a few little pearls of wisdom.