The Visor: Yes Or No?

As I begin to pack for my Seychelles trip and even though I am craving the sun already, I have to think about the pigmentation mark I received on my last trip, even though I was layering on my Obaji SPF50!! It is important to look after your skin, especially when travelling and it is very easy to forget when you are exploring your desired country. The idea of wearing a hat for many is a crime against fashion and is strictly for practicality only. Not only does it ruin your hairstyle, that you have just spent hours styling, but it is also a difficult task to find the right hat for every outfit, in addition to a hat which will suit you and your facial features. Furthermore, finding space in your suitcase can be quite a task!

I have previously tried transporting a beautiful hat, but to my disappointment, once I began to unpack, it was totally squashed and never looked the same again. What perfect timing is this for the Visor to be back!! I can honestly say I never thought I would want to wear a visor again. It’s something I wore in the ’90s when the bright-coloured plastic versions were pretty much everywhere and I have since removed it from my wardrobe.

However, as I have found myself contemplating once again for purely practical purposes and have been on the hunt for one that doesn’t look like I am about to play tennis, and one that will compliment my swimwear, I was certainly in for a pleasant surprise when I saw that the top fashion houses, Louis Vuitton and Dior, have done their own versions of these and they are super stylish and chic. These designs are perfect as they take an old nineties trend and adapts it to the modern day style, allowing visors to make a stylish comeback as a must-have in everyone’s holiday wardrobes.

When you have spent hours getting ready with your perfect hair and your perfect summer look, the thought of sunglasses causing your foundation to crease can be a nightmare. However, the Visor is the perfect solution to this common problem, with different retailers offering you Visors at a variety of different prices, it is easier than ever to find the right one for you at a price that works. Not only will a Visor protect your face from the scorching sun, but it will also reduce the need for sunglasses, so your foundation will last throughout the day whilst shielding your skin from harmful UV rays! Result!

Finding the right Visor for you is easy at the minute, due to the fashion statement being everywhere. In the end, I did purchase the Dior Visor and I am delighted with it! It’s easy to travel with and it has strong inbuilt UV protector lenses, so you don’t even have to wear sunglasses whilst you are island hopping! Face protected, no messing around with sunglasses and no face marks- who could ask for more from a Visor? A definite yes in my book!